Should You Have A Wedding Band For 25 Guests?

In this special episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Dave & Gavan from the Wedding Band Hi-Fi who is based in Sligo. I started out by asking them how the pandemic has affected Hi-Fi as a band! Dave explained how they have taken a massive hit and have lost all work but the band is still in great spirits.

With regards to the size of wedding crowds as Dave explains it’s nothing new for a Wedding Band to perform for under 50 guests. He also says if it feels right for you to get married you should go ahead with the wedding because no experts can predict what’s going to happen. Gavan explains that there are two types of wedding couples, the ones who want to get married and the couples who just want to be married. And if you want to go ahead with your wedding with a smaller guest list Hi-Fi is still there to perform for your big day. Nearly all wedding venues can divide their function rooms to make the reception more intimate.  

Do The 25 Guests Include Suppliers?

The guys all agree that the 25 or 50 guests do not include your wedding suppliers but it’s a decision that is left up to each particular venue. You can talk to your venue and check if they will allow your guests and then the suppliers. Usually, by the time the band starts some of the wedding guests have already left the reception! 

One of the biggest problems for bands from Brian’s point of view is that they don’t know when this is going to end or when bigger crowds will be permitted at weddings in Ireland again. 

Both Hi-Fi and The Brian Mc Dermott Band have performed at several American Style Weddings in the past and each one has been a success and definitely a great idea for Irish weddings during the pandemic! At this style of reception, the guests can dance during the meal and the finish time can be 11:30 pm.

What About The 11:30 pm Finish?

One big concern wedding couples are having right now is that they are worried about the 11:30 pm finish time for all wedding entertainment. As the guys explain this can easily be fixed by bringing your meal forward and getting your wedding band to start earlier. Your Wedding Band & DJ can still do the exact same job on the night. 

Brian explains that he would always choose a live band over only having a disco but again it depends as each wedding is different. Gavan prefers to only DJ after a Hi-Fi wedding as the crowd is already on the dancefloor!

At one of their recent weddings, Gavan actually overheard the bride calling herself a ‘COVID Bride’ which may well be a badge of honor in years to come. As Dave says it should be considered a badge of honor as any couples who still manage to have their wedding in 2020 has had lots of hurdles to get over but still achieved it against all odds!


Brian had an idea the night before recording the episode and he is calling it a Wediversay!

Basically, his idea is where a couple would video their smaller wedding ceremony during the restrictions and then on their first or second wedding anniversary they would show the video to all their friends on a large screen and have a big party similar to a wedding reception! The guy’s joke that couples would need to book Brians video production company

What About The Deposit?

Hi-Fi approaches deposits on a case-by-case basis and similar to The Brian Mc Dermott Band they have made their deposits 100% transferable. Dave explains that any member of the Wedding Band Association (WBA) will work less the deposit of another member band if a couple needs to move a date but their original band is unavailable for the new date.

In summary,

  • Start your wedding as early as possible to get the full show from your Wedding Band & Disco.
  • Wedding guests will still have a great night even at a smaller wedding.


Wedding suppliers who got a mention in this episode;

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