Where’s the best place to view a wedding band?

On this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan to chat about the best places to view a Wedding Band in Ireland before you book them.

When a couple contacts a wedding band usually the second question is where can they view a live performance. Every band has different types of performances in the diary and it can be confusing for wedding couples when trying to compare bands.

View Your Wedding Band At A Showcase

A showcase is like a big interview and the time of a showcase is fixed. Some days it can be busy and sometimes it might be a quieter event. Ronnie has performed at several showcases in Kilronan Castle and Lough Rynn Castle and thinks it’s a great idea.

The downside of this is you don’t get to see the Wedding Band interacting with the crowd. In Brian’s view any band can put a great 15-minute set together but that can fall apart at a real wedding!

View Your Wedding Band At A Pub Gig

A Wedding Band doing a pub gig can have the atmosphere but every pub band doesn’t necessarily transfer into a great wedding band. One of the most important things a wedding band has to do is read the crowd to keep a dance floor full and you can’t judge this by a performance in a pub.

View Your Wedding Band At A Wedding

Another popular option is seeing the band at a real wedding but this can be tricky. At the time you arrive to view the band they might be playing the music that suits those wedding guests and this might not be your favourite style or genre of music. Always talk to your Wedding Band after seeing them live so they can talk about the performance you’ve just seen. The Wedding Band are playing to keep the dance floor full and might have adapted their set for that particular wedding.

The best thing about seeing a band live at a wedding is you witness their interaction with the crowd, how they look and the quality of their sound system. Look and listen to the band but just remember that every wedding is different.

Are Wedding Bands promotional videos live?

Something to beware of when checking out Wedding Bands online is how ‘Live’ their promotional videos actually are. Some wedding bands might record a live performance and fix a few mistakes, some might record all the audio in a studio and mime over it for the video and some bands might not even be playing to their own music in the promo video!

If you follow a band on social media you’ll generally get to see real live clips and learn how the band gel together on stage which is also an important factor.

In Summary,

  1. It is always great to have a wedding couple dance for their own wedding as much as possible. Wedding guests are always more likely to dance when the bride or groom is on the dance floor.
  2. If one of your friends remembers the name of a Wedding Band from a recent wedding this is a great sign! Make sure to check them out online.
  3. Wedding awards can be a great guide as Wedding Bands generally have to be above a certain level to win one.
  4. There is no best place to see a Wedding Band but a mixture of Live Weddings, Showcases and Pub Gigs can all work. Try to see your wedding band in a few places and check out their live clips on social media.

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