Booking A Wedding Band Online?

On this episode of The Wedding band Show show, I talk about the best way to book a wedding band online and important things to look out for. I’m joined again by Aobh Pollard from Electric Blue Band.

Where to start your search?

Because wedding couples can’t get to see bands in a live situation the next question is where should they start their search. Aobh thinks that if she was starting out her search for a wedding band the first place she would go would be Google. In general, Facebook is saturated with wedding bands and it’s very hard to narrow down your search to find the best ones. 

One thing that Brian has against the Facebook groups is that when somebody is looking for a band there are far too many replies.  Aobh also has a social media and advertising background and she finds Facebook groups very frustrating. She believes that they dilute the wedding band business and give a wrong impression on the true cost of quality entertainment for weddings. 

Wedding Band Association


The wedding band Association is another website that they would recommend as a starting point when looking for a band online. The Wedding Band Association also has a deposit transfer scheme in place which means other bands will take on a booking without the couple having to pay a secon