On this week’s episode of The Wedding Band Show, I chatted with Fergal Harmon from the Bridal Wave Wedding Band.

Who is Bridal Wave?

Bridal Wave is a 4-piece wedding band based in Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim but they perform at weddings all over Ireland. The band started playing the pubs and clubs about 15 years ago and they moved into weddings around 2016. A lot of their fan base at this time started to get married and wanted Bridal Wave as their band.

Fergal believes that because the band cut their teeth playing in the pubs and clubs scene it has helped them develop as a wedding band. 

Fergal is the lead singer with Bridal Wave but because he used to have a one-man show before joining the band he has a lot of experience in singing most of the set and reading a crowd. He believes that over time the strength of his voice developed and he was able to pace himself to perform for long periods of time without any issues.

What kind of music does Bridal Wave play?

Similar to most professional wedding bands Bridal Wave performs a set that covers all types of music. The band will talk with a couple before the wedding to find out what kind of music they enjoy and then tailor the setlist to suit. Because of their pub and club performing experience they have a large repertoire to pull from. After playing weddings for five years the band now knows what works and doesn’t work and can adapt the set on the night. As Fergal says, a song that you play at a wedding one night might work but that same song might bomb at a wedding the following night!

Bridal Wave Band & Disco Package

Bridal Wave also offers a disco package and Fergal is the DJ. When the band moves into a venue they set up the band and disco equipment at the same time. This also means that there is no break between the band and the disco set. Fergal finds that’s it’s easier for wedding couples if they can book the disco package with their band as they don’t have t