On Today’s episode of The Wedding band Show show, I caught up with Aobh Pollard from the Irish wedding band Electric Blue.

About Electric Blue

Electric Blue is a 5-piece wedding band based in Dublin, Ireland.  They are an 80’s, 90’s, and noughties tribute band but play everything needed for a great wedding set. Everything from Mustang Sally to Galway Girl! The band’s favourite genre is the cheesy 80s type stuff and Aobh makes the other guys in the band play these every week even though they’re heavy rockers at heart. Aobh is a very interactive frontwoman in the band and sometimes joins the crowd on the floor for a conga line. Electric Blue plays all over Ireland, everywhere from Donegal to Cork. The band was originally called Runaway Baby.

Wedding Packages

Electric Blue Wedding Band will tailor a wedding package to suit any couple and they can include ceremony music, drinks reception and they even have a disco and sax option! They work with several professional DJ’s including Joey Hedderman and Trevor Matthews from Midland DJs. Electric blue will only ever book one wedding per day!

2020 For The Band

Aobh explains how 2020 has given the band time to focus on their new website and they have been rehearsing as much as possible. Usually, the band meets in the studio so without that option it has felt somewhat lonely. However, as Aobh explains the constant communication has made the band stronger and closer than ever.

The band was quite shocked when they lost all their Christmas gigs in March 2020 and soon realized that the situation was more serious than they first thought. Like most people, Aobh is very grateful for the extra family time that has come out of 2020.

Electric Blue Live

Electric Blue performs all their first dances live and even records the first song for couples if that’s something they want to keep. Aobh explains that because couples can’t get to see the band live, the best option to see and hear the band would be to visit their Facebook page. They have lots of short live clips from real weddings and it shows you exactly how the band keeps a dance floor full. The band’s last promo video includes music from the genres they specialize in including the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Aobh is a rocker chick but she loves cheesy music like S Club 7 & Five.

Aobh is fully convinced the wedding industry will bounce back better than ever and she’s hoping that more wedding businesses including bands won’t have to fold before it does. She is also delighted to see some new wedding acts come onto the scene in Ireland.

Electric Blue In Under 60 Seconds

  • Name of the band?

Electric Blue

  • How many members are in the band?


  • Where are Electric Blue based and do they travel nationwide?

Dublin & yes!

  • What kind of music do you play?

80’s, 90’s, 00’s and modern chart music. Basically, anything you like!

  • Can you learn a couple’s first dance?

Yes, we specialize in that.

  • Can a couple decide on the setlist?

To a degree, a couple can add requests.

  • Is it always the same members in the band?


  • How long does it take you to set up?

About 30 to 40 minutes.

  • How long does the band perform?

2 & 1/2 hours.

  • Do you provide ceremony music?


  • Do you have a disco package?

We do

Contact Electric Blue Band

For information on the Electric Blue Wedding Band use these links,

Website – https://electricblue.ie/

Youtube –