Glasson Hotel, Athlone Wedding

Wedding couples are always looking online to find their wedding band and I always like to upload LIVE clips so people know exactly what we’re about. Recently I broadcast a wedding live to a couple in Australia and while they booked the band because of the feed the logistics and time it takes to set it up means it won’t happen again anytime soon :)

I looked back through the stream and pulled out the songs I think show the kind of wedding band we are live. We play a wide mix to suit all ages as you can see from this feed. 

About The Video;

  • The video was recorded in The Glasson Country House Hotel, Athlone
  • All the audio from this video is 100% live and from the wedding, no overdubs!
  • The video quality is poor because the wedding always takes priority and there is never enough time :)
  • Some of the songs might not be performed every night, it always depends on the crowd!