How much does a wedding band cost?

On today’s episode of The Wedding Band Show I sat down with Allen Neilan from The Heebie Jeebies Band to discuss how much you should allow in your budget for a great wedding band.

Wedding surveys from 2018

As a guide we looked at some recent wedding surveys in Ireland and found that had the average price of a wedding band at €2041, had the average price at €2165 and OneFabDay had a guide price range from €2000 to €3000.

In our opinion most great wedding bands are indeed averaging between €2000 to €3000 and there are many different factors which can change the price up or down.

What’s included in a wedding band quote?

Wedding bands in Ireland are all completely different so a few things to consider are;

How many members are in the band?

Some wedding bands might have 3 members and use backing tracks while other bands might have 8 members all performing live.

Does your quote include travel?

This is important when looking at quotes as sometimes it may be a hidden extra.

Does your wedding band have good quality equipment and backup?

Audio equipment can sometimes fail so you should always ask your wedding band about their backup equipment in the case of an emergency.

Has your band got public liability insurance?

Another factor which can sometimes increase the price is if a wedding band has public liability insurance. Most bands do and it is usually a sign of a professional band.

How long does the band perform?

Some wedding bands in Ireland have a strict cut off point so you need to make sure they will still perform even if your wedding runs a little later than planned.

Budgeting for a wedding band

When you’re planning your wedding we both agree you should allow approx €2000 for a great professional wedding band in Ireland.

One thing to remember is you can’t always judge a band on price alone! Sometimes a few hundred euro can make a massive difference and guarantee a full dance floor on the night of your wedding!

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