On this live episode of The Wedding Band Show Live, I caught up with Ronnie Duignan from the Late Nite Radio wedding band. 

What are the band up to?

Ronnie told me that as a band they’ve been very busy because they have increased their video output online. The band started recording covers in April and have released over 17 videos to date. He said the band are going to keep putting out videos because now each member has a home studio setup. This is also great for learning new set material during a lockdown. The band have also been using this time to update their playlist and create new medleys for there wedding set. 

Weddings under restrictions!

Late Nite Radio has performed at two weddings under the current restrictions both of which were a great success. One of the weddings had 50 guests and the other wedding had 25 but they still had the same atmosphere as a wedding of about 200 guests. Ronnie believes some of this is because people haven’t heard live music in so long and also says that being invited to a wedding with only 25 guests is a real privilege. He thinks that couples shouldn’t shortchange themselves by cutting back on entertainment and that you can’t beat a live wedding band. 

Brian believes that some couples may feel that a wedding band with 4 or 5 members may overwhelm a smaller crowd but as Ronnie explains most wedding bands PA systems are modular so they can scale it to suit any crowd size or venue. 

Finish time of 11:30pm?

Ronnie says that the finish time for weddings of 11:30 p.m. is not an issue but the main concern that his couples are having is the 25 to 50 wedding guests. Ronnie and Brian both agree that weddings starting earlier is a good thing and if couples just have their ceremony a few hours earlier they will still fit in all the entertainment. 

How to move a wedding date?

Another important point that Ronnie highlights is that any couples thinking of changing their wedding date from 2021 to 2022 should get in touch with the wedding suppliers first to arrange an available date. It’s always a good idea to get in contact with your suppliers before securing a second date. 

A positive note…

On a positive note, Ronnie said that he has got to spend a lot more time with his kids in 2020 and has enjoyed that aspect of the lockdown. He has 4 young girls and is also teaching them music at home. As a band, he enjoys that they can record and release songs that they wouldn’t normally get to do.

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