Because of the current restrictions, I’ve decided to do some of ‘The Wedding Band Show’ episodes online.

In the first of these live episodes, I caught up with Richard Mc Carthy from Richard Mc Carthy Photography to talk about how the lockdown has affected his business.

Even though wedding photographers can work under the current restrictions of 25 people a lot of wedding couples from 2020 have moved their weddings forward to 2021 or 2022. Richard is hopeful that most of the weddings and 2021 will still go ahead.

His advice to wedding couples for 2021 is to hold tight and hopefully there will be a vaccine at the end of this year.  if there is a vaccine most of the weddings in 2021 should be able to go ahead at bigger numbers and 2020.

Even though Richard isn’t it as busy with the weddings he has expanded his photography business into property photography which is a growing market in Ireland.  He is also busy getting wedding frames and wedding albums ready for couples who got married in early 2020. Richard does think that wedding DJ’s should be allowed to play background music at wedding receptions even during a lockdown.  As he explains there is no difference between a DJ or a hotel staff member playing background music as long as there is no dancing.

Richard has had two weddings recently and he really enjoyed shooting both of them.  He explains that he had a lot more time with each couple to get the fantastic shots he wanted to. In a recent wedding, he got pictures of a bride on her horse galloping on a beach which would not be possible during a regular wedding day. 

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