Hire The Brian McDermott Wedding Band– We Keep the Party Rocking!

Sligo wedding band The Brian Mc Dermott Band can provide all your wedding music in Sligo? Once you have decided to book a wedding band, it is time to find the right one best suited for your tastes and preferences. After all, your music sets the mood and tone for your entire event, so it is necessary to choose carefully, or it could very well turn out to be a disaster. That is where we come in – The Brian McDermott Wedding Band!

Plan ahead for your Sligo Wedding

As soon as the couple gets engaged, the band is one of the very first things they should lock in. Being one of the prominent Sligo weddings bands, we recommend you talk to us as early as possible so we are available on the date in question. It is not unusual for highly sought-after party bands to get booked at least a year or more out, and that is particularly true for the most popular months for weddings, like Summer & Autumn.

Moreover, you have to zero in on a wedding venue before booking the band, as you need an idea of the performance space as well. Having performed in a myriad of locations such as;

The Castle Dargan Hotel

The Diamond Coast Hotel, Enniscrone

Markree Castle

The Sligo Park Hotel

The Radisson Hotel Sligo

The Clayton Hotel Sligo

The Ocean Sands Hotel, Enniscrone

Need a Sligo Wedding Band quote?

Once you decide a date, please get in touch with us so we can evaluate and give you the best price for that particular day. We offer extremely reasonable rates.

Ask as many questions as you can!

We are happy to clarify doubts and answer questions – you can ask us anything you wish. Aside from basics like availability, you should figure out the size of the band since that can impact the kind of music the band can perform. The Brian Mc Dermott Wedding Band is a 5-person wedding band.

You definitely wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so hiring a band without hearing and seeing them live is a not recommended unless it’s impossible to get to a live performance. You can email us for live dates if you wish to hear us play beforehand. Listen and decide for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Keeping the Dance Floor full for Sligo Weddings

We are able to customise what the client wants into what the band does best – it keeps the party going strong and the floor packed all night.

If you go through our set list, you will notice we perform a full mix of music such as rock, pop, modern chart, jives, waltzes, etc. designed for all ages. Our set spans for 3 hours (buffet break included). We are sticklers for punctuality – we arrive on time, play the set, and then wrap within the designated time frame.

Your wedding guests won’t be bored – that much we can guarantee! As a bonus, since Brian is a DJ since 1999, he takes care of all wedding discos, so no songs are repeated on the same night.

Rest assured you have come to the right place when it comes to searching for one of the top wedding bands (Sligo). We perform all over UK and Ireland – our popularity has continued to grow steadily over time thanks to excellent word-of-mouth and Brian’s uncanny ability to play music the crowd loves to hear at Sligo weddings!

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