We’re not available?

In a lot of cases we may already be booked when you contact us about playing at your wedding. The next questions is usually ‘who would you recommend’ and to be honest it’s a hard one! Every band brings something different to the table and where one band might play more chart music the next band might be better at crowd interaction or playing what the guests want to dance to.

See your band live!

I always recommend to see your band live before booking if at all possible but below are some bands who I have seen lately and can safely say will put on a professional show and rock your wedding :)

There are several other bands I recommend from hearing great things about them but these are just the ones I’ve seen live in the past few months.


Late Nite Radio

The lads in Late Nite Radio are some of the nicest guys you can meet and always have the newest PA system :)

Website – lateniteradioband.com

The Favours

I got to see Mick and the boys live in Kilronan Castle and was blown away by how great the band sounded live…amazing finish to the night too :)

Website – thefavours.ie