What time should a wedding band start for a wedding in Ireland?

On this week’s episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Dave & Gavan from the Hi-Fi Wedding Band to chat about Wedding Band set up times in Ireland.

If you are planning a wedding in Ireland it is great to have an idea of what to expect when it comes to your Wedding Band setting up and the expected start time.

Hi-fi wedding band arrives at 7:30 pm or 8 pm depending on how well they know the venue. If it’s a wedding venue the band hasn’t performed in before then they will arrive early to allow extra time for setting up and soundcheck.

Gavan explained that he would feel anxious not being at a venue early and he always wants to allow time to get into his ‘rockstar mode’ to put on the best show for the wedding couple!

He also mentioned that if a wedding band arrives at 9 pm but the room has been ready since about 8 pm there is almost an hour of silence which is not a nice situation at any wedding reception!

Dave says that the Hi-Fi Wedding Band can be set up in 25 minutes at an extreme rush but this would be only for an emergency. Because the band has no backline it means they can be ready for a first dance in about 45 minutes at a regular wedding. Also similar to The Brian Mc Dermott Band, Hi-Fi Wedding Band uses a digital mixing console which means each wedding venue’s sound requirements can be saved and recalled in seconds. This avoids the need for lengthy soundchecks!

One other factor that can delay a band from setting up is if the top table is on the floor and the venue needs to erect a stage. This is usually a safer option for the band so always allow time for this to happen.

Some tips to speed up your wedding bands set up time,

  1. Ask your venue to make clearing the top table the main priority after the meal.
  2. If your wedding photographer is still at the venue ask him to bring the guests from the top table to a different area for a few pictures.
  3. Make sure the venue has good access for the band.
  4. In general, we find speeches after the meal helps the kitchen run smoother and makes for a more definitive end to the meal.

To sum up, we recommend that you ask your Wedding Band to arrive for 8 pm and for you to allow 1 hour from standing up from the top table to walking back onto the Dance Floor for your first dance. Be very conscious that if your speeches run late your band will have a later start time!

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