Wedding Entertainment Ideas (with Scruffy Duffy)

In this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I chatted with Scruffy Duffy (Martin Duffy) about different wedding entertainment ideas to inject some fun into your big day!

Don’t get stressed out…

According to Scruffy Duffy, the first and most important thing is to enjoy the day! Don’t get stressed out by the planning and don’t fall into the trap of going to every wedding fair until you’re fed up of seeing the wedding suppliers. By doing this you may end up booking suppliers who don’t suit your wedding but you just want an end to the planning stage.

Because there are so many different wedding suppliers one great idea is to sit down with a coffee and write down the type of wedding you want. Then match the suppliers to your list and make sure to only book the wedding professionals who can help create that vision.

Does the venue matter…

Having a fun wedding has nothing to do with the venue it’s held in. You can book a Hotel, Castle or your local golf club and still have the greatest wedding ever if you think outside the box. You can also step outside the norm without breaking the bank or increasing your wedding budget but it’s all about having the correct mindset.

The Drinks Reception…

The time of the drinks reception for an Irish wedding is usually 3pm to 5pm and this is one of the most overlooked parts of the day. 

Some of the entertainment suggestions that Scruffy Duffy has for this time would be;

  • Trad Band
  • Karaoke
  • Sing Song
  • Mini Talent Show
  • Game Show Challenge
  • Connect 4
  • Jenga
  • Mini Golf Games

All of these ideas are simple and don’t cost a fortune but more importantly, they create special memories. And speaking of memories, the drinks reception is an excellent time to get some video messages from the older guests…remember that usually, the wedding couple is off getting photographs taken for most of this time so a lot of peoples well wishes can be missed!

The Speeches…

There is always a choice of having the speeches before or after the meal but why not have them during the drinks reception? It’s a brilliant time to do this for several reasons. The main reason is there is no pressure on anyone who is speaking. It’s a far more relaxed and fun atmosphere than a silent function room full of people looking up at you! Another added bonus is that the kitchen staff can serve the meal without any delays or interruptions!

During The Meal…

During or directly after the meal can also have some entertainment and will help carry the fun element throughout the full day. Of coarse Scruffy Duffy is famous for his own Wedding Meal Show but you also have other options such as a Mentalist, Hypnotist or Singing Waiters.

Planning Is Important…

When adding different entertainment ideas to your wedding day, good planning is key!

Adding loads of different suppliers and ideas won’t work if it delays the day and takes away from the dancing at the end of the night. 


  • Don’t neglect the Drinks Reception when it comes to entertainment.
  • Injecting fun into your wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!
  • Consider having the speeches during the Drinks Reception.
  • Use your bridal party and don/t be afraid to ask them to help.

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