So what is the best wedding band music to keep a dance floor full all night?

In this episode of The Wedding Band Show, I sat down with Ronnie Duignan from the wedding band Late Nite Radio to discuss the best types of music for a wedding.

When wedding couples call Ronnie and ask him what kind of music Late Nite Radio plays he always replies with the question, “what do you like?” If they like a lot of jiving or waltzing he can tailor the set to suit and leave out music that might not keep the guests dancing. As cliche, as it sounds the music that works for a wedding, is basically party music. The best floor fillers are the hits from all down through the decades. The biggest hits of the ‘70s, ’80s, and ‘90s are still keeping wedding guests on the dancefloor today.

What to consider when booking a Wedding Band?

When considering a wedding band you really need to choose a band that can cater for all ages and tastes and has the ability to play a wide variety of music. If a wedding couple loves a particular genre of music or has a favourite band who might not suit a wedding crowd a great option is to have that band perform second. Sometimes it’s possible to set up a second stage which also has the added bonus of looking fantastic!

Some takeaways from this episode…

As a band, Ronnie thinks the key isn’t always the songs you play but the volume you play at. As a wedding band, you sometimes need to adjust the volume to suit different genres of music. For example, older guests generally don’t mind a loud bass guitar or kick drum when you’re playing country music but might not enjoy a rock set at the same volume.

Sometimes you might hear about a band at a wedding where no guests were dancing and people may even comment that the band was ‘no good’. While this may be true it’s also possible that the band was excellent at what they were playing but their set just didn’t suit a wedding crowd.

In Brians’s view, a wedding band can be more for the guests than the couple on the night. For most weddings, the couple is so busy talking with friends that they hear very little of what the band actually plays. After the wedding is over the most important thing is that the dance floor was full all night and the wedding guests enjoyed the entertainment.

Another little thing to consider is booking a band for the drinks reception. This helps to create an atmosphere early in the day and also has the added bonus of holding your guests at the wedding venue. Sometimes if a wedding venue is located in a town some guests may take a trip to a nearby pub!

In Summary…

  • The best type of wedding reception music is general ‘Party Music’
  • A good Wedding Band can include every genre of music to suit all wedding guests.
  • Consider a second band instead of a disco if you have a favourite band that doesn’t usually perform at weddings.
  • A live band for the drinks reception is a great option.

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