Top 7 Places to Find a Wedding Band in Ireland

(With The Heebies Jeebies Band)

Where are the best places to find a good band for your wedding in Ireland? In today’s episode, I’m joined by Allen Neilan of The HeebieJeebies Band and together, we’ve got you covered. We share a ranked list of the top 7 methods, platforms and venues you should turn to when looking for high quality, crowd-pulling band. Listen in to learn foolproof practices for finding authentic band reviews and recommendations. Take our insider advice for picking a band and know what to judge by once you narrow down your list.

“The biggest marketing budget doesn’t necessarily mean the best band.” -Brian McDermott

Top Takeaways:

  • Why smaller is better when it comes to wedding fairs.

  • What to look for when watching bands perform live.

  • How to find authentic reviews of bands you like.

  • What to avoid when looking for a wedding band in Ireland.

Top 7 Places to find a wedding band:

  1. Hotel lists & Vendor Recommendations

  2. Facebook/Instagram

  3. Youtube.

  4. Google.

  5. Wedding Fairs.

  6. Wedding Directory Websites.

  7. Facebook Groups.